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Information, Technology / December 16, 2022

21 Modern Home Theater Design Ideas It’s not always clear what separates a “home theater” from a “living room”. Is it the screen size? The audio setup? The overall thought put into the entire arrangement? Or does a home theater have to be a completely separate room from the living…

Information, Sustainability / October 17, 2022

A COMPLETE GUIDE TO SOLAR PANELS IN 2023 Solar Panel Information Solar energy is one of the biggest and most effective kinds of renewable energy in the world. We harvest the natural power of the sun to create electricity to heat and light homes and businesses. Your system can either…

Information, Renovations, Technology / October 5, 2022

YOUR HOOD IS ALWAYS¬†CONNECTED?And at Dependon we work with the most innovative kitchen technology appliance suppliers to deliver state of the art technology Take the the Elica Connect product line.¬†It allows you to control your hood via smartphone or through a virtual voice assistant. Let Elica Connect worry about keeping…