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At Dependon we are experienced in all kinds of home improvements, builds and renovations.

Perhaps you want to refurbish your existing space with a new kitchen and bathroom. Maybe you need to create a larger space with an extension, a loft conversion, an excavation for a media room, or perhaps you are embarking on a completely fresh idea with a new build.

Whatever your home makeover plans, you are always assured of professional, reliable assistance from Dependon and our sister company Premiere Klasse. Together we will make sure your whole experience will be exciting, not daunting.


First class service, this is the third time we’ve used Dependon (and now Premiere Klasse), attention to detail, craftsmanship, customer service are all second to none. A GREAT service / experience, I couldn’t recommend the Dependon team more…

RG22, November 2023

Project management

Looking to make a change?

Dependon Limited are your first stop when considering a new building project inside your home.

We work with our clients to make sure all of their plan run smoothly.

If your project means you need an architect we will be happy to work alongside them to help guide you through the myriad of hurdles such as planning consent and building control approval and if needed, we will organise a structural engineer for you.

Once the detailed technical drawings are prepared our designers will help you decide everything for the inside of your new space – everything from where your light switches go, to installing your new boiler or heat pump, to what kitchen counter tops you want. 

We then provide professional project management support to ensure the progression from design to completion is completely seamless.

Depending on the size of your project we would also appoint a Quantity Surveyor.  


Breathe new life

Renovation & Refurbishment

We specialise in breathing new life into existing structures through our top-tier renovation and refurbishment services. We believe that every space holds potential for improvement and, with careful planning and skilled execution, we can transform your home to better suit your evolving needs.

Our team of seasoned professionals meticulously handle all aspects of the refurbishment process, whether it’s a simple refresh or a complete overhaul. We prioritise maintaining the structural integrity of your home, while infusing it with new vitality and modern aesthetics. 

Attention to detail


At Dependon, we understand that property maintenance is key to preserving the value and functionality of your home over time. This is why we offer top-level, comprehensive maintenance services designed to keep your property in prime condition. Our skilled team is adept at spotting and rectifying issues before they escalate, ensuring that your home remains as good as new. We tackle everything from routine checks to minor repairs and major overhauls with unwavering attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Renovation, Refurbishment & Maintenance

– give Dependon a call or pop us an email. We will be happy to help.

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