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At Dependon, we are a professional organisation providing highly advanced, audio visual, IT, electrical and automation systems for the home.

Our goal is to create effective solutions that deliver results. We understand the technology, and have the experience to deliver bespoke solutions specific to your individual requirements.

Many of our clients are people wanting cutting edge solutions for their homes, whether it be the supply and installation of an OLED TV display, or a fully automated environment controlled by your own custom designed remote control – we can deliver effective solutions.

  • Multiroom installation and design
  • Lighting design and installations
  • Home cinemas
  • Remote control solutions
  • AV furniture
  • And much more


Never has there been a more apt name for a company! The guys at Dependon picked up my call, talked me through ideas to fix the issue with no luck. They came over that evening and got everything up and running. Depenable, professional and all round good guys.

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Smart home technology enhances home security by allowing remote control of security devices, providing real-time alerts, and integrating various security systems for comprehensive protection.
The installation process typically involves planning the system layout, installing smart devices and sensors, setting up a central control system, and configuring the devices to communicate with each other and with the internet.

At Dependon, our smart home solutions stand out due to our commitment to delivering highly advanced, bespoke systems tailored to each client’s individual needs. Here’s what sets us apart:

Bespoke Solutions: We specialise in creating custom solutions that cater specifically to your requirements, ensuring that your smart home system aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and preferences.

Advanced Technology: Our expertise spans across a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, including audio-visual systems, IT, electrical, and automation systems, allowing us to integrate the latest innovations into your home.

Comprehensive Services: From multiroom installation and design to lighting, home cinemas, and remote control solutions, we offer a full suite of services to transform your home into a fully automated environment.

Professional Expertise: Our team is not just knowledgeable about the technology; we have the experience and understanding to implement complex systems effectively, ensuring seamless operation and integration.

By choosing Dependon for your smart home project, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re partnering with specialists dedicated to enhancing your home with the most effective and innovative solutions available.

Smart home security involves using internet-connected devices to monitor and secure your home, including smart locks, cameras, alarm systems, and motion detectors.
Yes, smart homes can significantly save energy by automating the control of lighting, heating, and cooling systems, thus optimising energy use based on actual needs.
Smart devices may lose remote access and some functionalities that depend on cloud services, but many can still operate locally through internal networks or direct control.
Products are covered by the manufacturers warranty
Dependon is aware that keeping up with property maintenance is essential to maintaining your home’s operation and worth over time. For this reason, we provide superior, all-inclusive maintenance services meant to preserve the best possible state for your home. Our knowledgeable staff is proficient at identifying problems early on and fixing them to keep your house looking brand new. With steadfast attention to detail and a commitment to quality, we take on anything from routine inspections to minor repairs and significant overhauls.