Getting a good gas fitter

Getting a good gas fitter

Getting a good gas fitter

In the right hands Gas is perfectly safe but in the hands of an illegal fitter it can kill. It is important to ensure your Gas fitter is above board and fully qualified. 

How to avoid unqualified Gas fitters:

  • Always use a Gas Engineer who is on the Gas Safe Register to fit, fix and service your gas boiler, gas fire and gas cooker.
  • Always ask for the Gas Safe Register ID Card.

All Dependon Engineers are licensed by Gas Safe.

Gas Safety week – 12-18 September

Many of us rely on gas for boiling, cooking hot meals, fires to keep ourselves warm. However, without proper knowledge on gas safety it can turn out to be disastrous. Here are some important gas safety tips to ensure that you and your family stay safe from gas related accidents:

  • Have an annual gas safety check by a qualified registered engineer
  • Check your vents to make sure they are not blocked and learn how to turn off all gas inlets/outlets
  • Know how to spot the signs of an unsafe gas appliance. If your gas appliances are not working properly, they usually burn with lazy yellow flames whereas they should burn with crisp blue flames. 
  • Whenever you notice any gas leak in your home, follow the following safety tips:
    · Leave the building immediately and call gas experts· Do not switch on the lights as they could spark cause fire breakout· Do not use any lighter such as matches· Do not re-enter the building until the experts tells you it is safe to do so

The importance of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms

Keep your family safe by ensuring CO can be detected from all potential sources. CO alarms should be installed in any room that has a fuel burning appliance, rooms where people spend most time, rooms where people sleep and any room with a flue running through it. Make sure your alarms are fitted correctly and keep them regularly maintained and tested to ensure that they work as effectively as possible