Kitchen Technology and the connected Hood

Kitchen Technology and the connected Hood

And at Dependon we work with the most innovative kitchen technology appliance suppliers to deliver state of the art technology

Take the the Elica Connect product line. It allows you to control your hood via smartphone or through a virtual voice assistant.

Let Elica Connect worry about keeping the air in your home clean and safe.

With Elica Connect all you have to think about is enjoying your free time, worry-free and in total relaxation.

It’s easy to see the status of your product’s filters with Elica Connect, and since you will be reminded when it’s time to clean, replace or regenerate them, you’ll never forget again! Thus guaranteeing high performance levels and making sure that the air in your home is always clean.

Thanks to the wi-fi connectivity of the Elica Connect product line, you are just a few clicks away from conveniently and remotely setting your hood functions, from just about anywhere!

Switch on and off, control power and extraction levels, lighting, maintenance and so much more.

Add this to smart hobs, cookers and fridges and the kitchen of the future is now.

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