Breathe New Life Into Your Property with 2023’s Top 10 Refurbishment Trends

Breathe New Life Into Your Property with 2023’s Top 10 Refurbishment Trends

Unsure how to bring your home up-to-date in 2023? Look no further than our Top 10 Refurbishment Trends for your home this summer.

As we said goodbye to 2022, interior design aficionados were filled with anticipation for the trends 2023 had to offer, eager to see how they would transform homes across the nation. Every year brings unique, fresh elements to the design table, be it the latest sought-after colour or an indispensable piece of furniture. The design norms of yesteryear are bound to be turned upside down, making way for wonderful new transformations.

In general, the design ethos shifted from the cold austerity of minimalist lines towards a softer, more inviting aesthetic. Given the increased amount of time we are spending at home amidst current economic challenges, homes are evolving to be more comforting and welcoming. So, let's remind ourselves of the top 10 property refurbishment trends for 2023.

1. The Fusion of Comfort and Functionality in WFH Trends

The past couple of years have seen a dramatic surge in the work-from-home culture, sparking a unique hybrid of professional and personal styles that redefine the conventional home office. This trend is all about blending comfort and function, incorporating wall art and shelves that serve a dual purpose. They add visual appeal to your home, while also providing an engaging backdrop for virtual meetings with colleagues.

This trend encourages a 'live-work' interior that promotes productivity and reduces stress. Instead of rigid office furniture, consider ergonomic chairs and desks that ensure comfort during long working hours. Complement these with eye-catching wall paintings or photographs, and shelving units that can showcase personal mementos, books, or indoor plants.

2. Personal Sanctuary: A Space to Disconnect and Recharge

In the whirlwind of contemporary life, having a peaceful retreat to escape from the world's troubles is indispensable. This can be a library-inspired space for delving into fascinating novels, or a snug corner to unwind with your favourite music. The 'sanctuary room' idea is a refreshing way to arm yourself against the unpredictable rollercoaster that 2023 might be.

Consider a quiet corner adorned with soft lighting, a comfortable armchair, and a cosy blanket. This can be your reading nook. Alternatively, create a music zone with an impressive vinyl collection and quality headphones or speakers. Add to the ambience with scented candles or calming artwork to aid relaxation.

3. Soft Aesthetics: The Renaissance of Arches

Sharp, straight lines have ruled the design world for many decades, but 2023 is welcoming the resurgence of gentler, rounded lines. Arches, in particular, are making a significant comeback. You can alter your doorways to embrace this trend or create an impactful archway connecting two rooms.

If you're reluctant about such permanent changes, there's no need to worry. Arch-shaped mirrors and artworks are readily available and can effectively replicate the desired aesthetic. For instance, you could place a statement mirror with an arched top above a fireplace or console table to incorporate this style.

4. Cosy Corners: Embrace the Roundness

Say goodbye to harsh lines and angles, and usher in the era of curves. This trend can be embraced in numerous ways, from living room furniture with plush, rounded edges to circular coffee tables. Consider extending this rounded aesthetic to permanent structures in your home, such as fireplaces.

Swap your conventional square furniture for pieces that boast softer lines and organic shapes. Not only will this breathe new life into your home, but it will also foster a more inviting, comfortable atmosphere. Circular or oval coffee tables can soften a seating arrangement, while a curved sofa can add a stylish statement.

5. Maximalism:

Embracing the Bold and the Beautiful Maximalism is making a grand comeback in 2023 after years of minimalism's dominance. It encourages you to indulge your senses and fill your spaces with bold, expressive pieces. From gold and brass hardware to luxurious fabrics in deeper, comforting tones, maximalism is all about embracing opulence and individuality.

This trend invites you to accessorise your home with vibrant colours and eclectic trinkets that might have been considered clutter in a minimalist environment. Think along the lines of combining contrasting textures, large-scale wall art, and even busy wallpaper patterns. The key is to balance your elements, making your space feel layered and interesting without being chaotic.

6. Biophilic Bedrooms: Inviting Nature In

Bedrooms have always been our safe havens, providing a space to unwind and disconnect from the outside world. In 2023, bedrooms will evolve further by embracing biophilic design, which integrates natural elements into our living spaces. This trend involves bringing the tranquillity and freshness of the outdoors in, creating a peaceful sleeping environment.

Whether it's incorporating shades of vibrant green through paint or artwork, adding large leafy plants, or placing small, charming succulents, there's something inherently calming about the presence of nature in our spaces. This approach not only makes your bedroom more attractive but also promotes better sleep and well-being.

7. Vintage Revival: Old Meets New

2023 will see a beautiful blend of old and new, with vintage items like tiles and antiques becoming increasingly popular. Whether it's using a time-worn clock as a wall centrepiece or refurbishing your fireplace with salvaged tiles, this trend embraces the charm and character of bygone eras.

Consider scouring antique markets or charity shops for unique pieces that can add a touch of nostalgia and intrigue to your living room or kitchen. Vintage accessories, from ornate mirrors to ceramic vases, can offer a rich visual counterpoint to contemporary interiors, adding depth and personality to your home.

8. Return to Earth: Decorating with Organic Tones and Textures

Monochromatic shades have had their moment, but 2023 will see a resurgence of natural, earthy tones. Creams, browns, and beiges will work in harmony to create a soothing, visually balanced palette. Back this up with natural materials like cotton and wool, and you'll have a home that exudes warmth and cosiness.

Don't shy away from integrating other unconventional materials, such as ceramics and stone. These textures can add an interesting layer to your home's aesthetic, making it feel more grounded and connected to nature. In addition to this, consider introducing organic elements like potted plants or wooden furniture for a more comprehensive natural look.

9. Reinventing the Laundry Room: Making Utility Chic

Laundry and utility rooms have often been overlooked, seen merely as functional spaces. However, 2023 plans to reinvent these rooms into desirable spaces. Custom-designed recessed lighting options, ample cupboard space, and expansive surface areas for sorting are all trends to look out for.

Keep things simple with a natural and neutral colour scheme. Install practical storage solutions to keep the room clutter-free. A dedicated space for folding, a rod for hanging clothes, and a sink for handwashing delicate items are all elements that could transform your utility room from drab to fab!

10. The Rise of Wall Lighting

Secondary lighting has traditionally been through floor and table lamps. However, wall lighting, specifically in the form of sconces, is returning to the spotlight. They're relatively easy to install and come in an extensive variety of styles, from wooden to ceramic, terracotta to polished metal, the options are practically limitless. And, for an added layer of sophistication, consider installing a dimmer switch. This will enable you to precisely adjust your lighting to set the perfect mood for any occasion.

Wall sconces can function as both ambient and accent lighting, adding depth to your room while highlighting its best features. Use them in pairs to frame a particular element like a mirror or piece of art, or scatter them around the room to distribute light evenly.

It's never too late to refresh your home with these invigorating refurbishment trends and look forward to a vibrant summer in 2023. Every new year brings opportunities to blend contemporary designs with personal flair, creating living spaces that cater to your needs while reflecting your unique style. Whether you're overhauling your interiors entirely or seeking to incorporate modern accents, these trends promise abundant inspiration. Here's to a year of joyful decorating!