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Refurbishment Services in Basingstoke

Located in the thriving town of Basingstoke, where old-world charm and contemporary pace coexist, your property would benefit from some renovations. Our premium refurbishment service, located in Basingstoke, is designed to provide your house or structure with the careful maintenance and care it needs. Our commitment to upholding current safety regulations is unwavering, as we update buildings and refine designs to create a modern appearance that perfectly complements Basingstoke’s distinct personality.

Our staff has decades of expertise and has perfected the art of house renovation. We understand what makes a home safe and secure, whether it’s the fine details of carpentry, the accuracy of plumbing, or the stability of setting foundations and supporting structures. Imagine living in Basingstoke in a home that satisfies strict safety requirements, has an eye-catching aesthetic, and blends in perfectly with the vibrant town vibe.

Renovations don’t have to be extremely difficult or expensive. In close collaboration with you, we create a project that precisely fits your needs, budget, and way of life. Send us an email whenever it’s convenient for you to get in touch with us if you’re excited to start the process of revitalising your Basingstoke property.

Renovations & Refurbishment

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations in Basingstoke

Taking the lead is our sister company Premiere Klasse as they begin the process of renovating kitchens and bathrooms in Basingstoke. Deciding to move forward with your new bathroom or kitchen is the first step in a meticulous process. Together, you and our talented designers create a design that not only fits but surpasses your preferences. After that, one of our committed project managers comes to your Basingstoke home to verify measurements and carefully evaluate how feasible the design is.

We designate a specialised project manager to supervise every aspect of your project, from planning to completion, to guarantee a flawless experience. We incorporate a professional cleaning service to give it a sophisticated final touch. Additionally, we offer an optional concierge service, assisting in packing up your room before installation and re-dressing your space upon completion – a particularly sought-after option for kitchen remodels in Basingstoke.

Renovations & Refurbishment

Home Remodelling Solutions in Basingstoke

Elevate your living areas with our all-inclusive home remodelling options, for Basingstoke homeowners. Think beyond kitchens and bathrooms and picture yourself enlarging your living room, building a custom study, or turning your attic into a useful area. Our professionals in the Basingstoke area are prepared to realise your distinct idea. We carefully oversee each stage of the procedure, guaranteeing smooth collaboration and producing high-calibre workmanship.

Our team pays close attention to detail throughout the whole process, from conception to completion, to make sure that home remodelling projects both meet and surpass your expectations. Investigate the countless options for improving your Basingstoke house. Get in touch with us right now to start exploring how our custom home remodelling options can improve and change your living areas.



Dependon fitted our kitchen – they provided the complete service removing the old kitchen providing new electrics, plastering, plumbing and fitting the new kitchen. Their team of tradesman were of the highest quality and completed the kitchen to a faultless finish. I highly recommend Dependon to fit any new kitchen and would definately use them again for any future projects.

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