How can a paint help reduce your household carbon emissions?

How can a paint help reduce your household carbon emissions?

Government Legislation
The UK Government has introduced regulations to ensure that all new homes in England built from 2025 will need to produce 75-80% less carbon emissions than under current regulations.

According to the Climate Change Committee, the built environment accounts for roughly 40% of UK greenhouse gas emissions, with around 14% of this coming from the 28 million homes in the UK. The Future Homes Standard is designed to bring these levels down. 

All new residential buildings, including homes, care homes, student accommodation and children’s homes, must be designed to reduce overheating and improve ventilation, making sure they are fit for the future and protect the most vulnerable people.

But what about existing homes?  How we can we all do our bit to reduce emissions?

The Future Homes Standard is all very well if you’re a housebuilder or even if you are looking to buy a new build property – but what if you’re planning a home improvement project or simply want to redecorate… what can you do to reduce your carbon emissions?

Not many people consider their choice of paint as a way of saving carbon.

Published figures 
Hopefully this bit is not too technical or dull– it is important!

When looking at the technical papers (known as “Environmental Product Declarations” or “EPDs”) produced by some paint brands (not all brands publish the details of the content of their paint!) you can see the figures for a factor known as “Global Warming Potential” (GWP)  This is measured in kg / m2 of CO2(e)… which is a unit given to greenhouse gas emissions as an equivalent in CO2.

Simple maths...

Comparing Graphenstone’s EPD figures with those of certain other brands enables a simple mathematical calculation:

Competitor EPD GWP figure - Graphenstone EPD GWP figure =

difference in CO2(e ) / m2

This difference when multiplied by the m2 will give you the CO2(e) saving of your project.  If you’re planning a domestic project, the overall CO2(e) saving might not be tonnes (it will be kg) but to steal a phrase from a well known supermarket… “Every little helps”.

 Colour used:  Whisper / Duck Egg

So if you’re planning any form of domestic (or commercial) refurbishment or decoration project (internal or external) Graphenstone can not only help with paints in stunning colours that are easily to apply, which also help you to do your bit to protect our fragile environment.

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