Kitchen trends for 2023

Kitchen trends for 2023

As the autumn days grow shorter, it’s time to focus on whats coming up in the Kitchen trends for 2023.

Veined worktops are on the rise
Quartz or granite are hardwearing and have real durability whilst still looking incredibly sleek. Porcelain is a great option too and looks beautiful in place of traditional worktops. Veins on these materials look stunning and don’t stain easily.
Splashing out on a gorgeous piece of marble is also hugely popular when designing your dream kitchen. (However, it’s pricey and takes a lot of maintenance, so watch out for stains!)

Oak units for islands and standalone units
Bars, dressers and islands on legs are great pieces of furniture that will change the visual dynamics of the space. Stand-alone display dressers in stained oak are incredibly popular and give a true wow factor to any space.
They could have open shelving to display your favourite items or bi-fold or traditional doors. Whichever you choose, these dressers provide great functionality and storage, and they look beautiful too.

Oak and stone floating shelves
Floating shelves in either oak or stone are a huge trend, especially with a stone splashback. These can be placed above the sink or in utility rooms. They’re stylish, functional and act as a lovely feature in any space. These shelves open up the kitchen and create a lovely sense of space, especially if you have high units or upper cabinetry. Not only do they look beautiful but they also offer the opportunity to add colour and personality to the kitchen space. 

Bright colour combinations
Homeowners will get braver with their choice of colour. Brighter combinations of colour in whole kitchens and on islands are being used more. You’ll also see more colour on main runs of cabinetry, on the dining table legs and in utility rooms. Not only does it add personality and style but it also sets the mood of the space. These will include bright yellows, pinks and reds as well as the usual blues and greens.

Bespoke Cabinetry
Clever bespoke cabinetry storage to hide away essentials will remain an absolute winner. Cabinets such as breakfast bars or pantries will add storage, style and impact to small kitchens. They will also prove especially useful as corner units with bi-fold doors. They’ll keep the kitchen neat and tidy and won’t obstruct its work flow when in use. They’ll also avoid clutter spilling into the kitchen worktops, and we love how they’re almost secret doors into Narnia! 

Fewer wall units
So: more hidden and simple storage will become popular in 2023. Floor to ceiling units and lower runs of cabinets will house most items. Then these units combined with floating shelves and on-display units will look wonderful.

Walk in larders and pantries
These will be situated to the side of the kitchen with no door, because this will allow for full exposure. Painting them in a different colour will also make a huge visual impact, which is hard to resist.

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