Bathroom and Kitchen Installations

Bathroom and Kitchen Installation Hartley Wintney

Embark on the path to transformation with bathroom and kitchen installations near Hartley Wintney, presented by Dependon Group in partnership with Premiere Klasse. Choosing to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom signifies the start of a meticulously orchestrated process, aimed at enhancing the elegance and utility of your dwelling.

Our proficient designers engage with you to devise a plan that goes beyond meeting your expectations to truly augment your living space. Following the design stage, our project management team conducts an exhaustive inspection of your premises. This ensures the practicality and feasibility of your envisioned improvements are verified, maintaining the integrity of every detail.

A dedicated Project Manager will be appointed to guide you through the entirety of your bathroom and kitchen installation project near Hartley Wintney. This individual oversees all elements of the installation, ensuring a flawless execution. Our commitment to superior service extends to a post-installation cleanup, leaving your space in immaculate condition.

For those desiring an additional level of service, we offer a bespoke concierge service. This includes the preparation of your area before the commencement of work and its meticulous restoration upon completion, ensuring a hassle-free transition.

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance Hartley Wintney

Dependon Group is your definitive choice for all-encompassing property maintenance services near Hartley Wintney. Our broad array of services is designed to keep your home in pristine condition, addressing both routine upkeep and urgent repair needs. Known for our professionalism and promptness, we ensure your property’s aesthetic and functional integrity.

Our maintenance services span a comprehensive range of home care needs, from plumbing and electrical work to carpentry and decoration. By collaborating with esteemed trade professionals, we confidently address projects of all sizes. Whether it’s a minor leak, a complete overhaul of your home’s electrical system, or bespoke woodwork, our team delivers lasting solutions that extend beyond simple repairs.

Whether it involves rectifying minor leaks, undertaking comprehensive electrical upgrades, or executing custom carpentry projects, our expertise and resources are committed to providing lasting solutions that transcend mere temporary fixes.

Heating Solutions

Advanced Heating Solutions Hartley Wintney

Introduce your home to the forefront of comfort and efficiency with advanced heating solutions near Hartley Wintney. At Dependon Group, we offer the latest in heating systems, enhancing the ambience of your home post-renovation.

Boiler Installation: Our boiler installation services near Hartley Wintney are unparalleled, providing the pinnacle of heating efficiency and reliability, ensuring your home’s warmth.

Underfloor Heating: Opt for our underfloor heating near Hartley Wintney for consistent, cosy warmth throughout your home, an ideal solution for maintaining energy efficiency during the cooler seasons.

Smart Heating Solutions: Gain unparalleled control over your home’s climate with our smart heating systems near Hartley Wintney. These innovative solutions allow for easy adjustment, optimising your energy consumption for both comfort and savings.

Ready to elevate your Hartley Wintney home with functionality and elegance? Contact Dependon Group today to start your journey toward a refined and seamless home transformation. Let us help you realise the home of your dreams.



Never has there been a more apt name for a company! The guys at Dependon picked up my call, talked me through ideas to fix the issue with no luck. They came over that evening and got everything up and running. Depenable, professional and all round good guys.

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